Sunday, March 27, 2011

Patrolling and Protecting Palau Shark Sanctuary

As per my last blog, a deal is indeed in the works that will bring considerable international support and long awaited assets to Palau to support Palau's Division of Marine Law Enforcement in patrolling and protecting the world's first shark sanctuary. In fact the shark sanctuary declaration was later expanded by President Toribiong to include all marine mammals in Palau's Exclusive Economic Zone which is an area approximately the size of France and a daunting challenge for Palau's Law Enforcement.

While the paperwork has taken a little longer than expected, the additional time being spent to finalize the agreement between Palau and the international conservation agency has been well-spent and the results are a stronger and more precise agreement with better defined roles that will improve effectiveness for all.

If all goes well I'm hopeful that this week will be the Week of The Shark in Palau as our Shark Sanctuary finally gets some real teeth! Hang in there!

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