Monday, March 17, 2003

Working to make Palau a World Shark Sanctuary!

Palau Shark Sanctuary Fund®
Founded 2001

Koror, Palau – March 17, 2003

Palau Shark Sanctuary Fund donates to Project S.A.V.E.

Palau Shark Sanctuary Fund, marking the first anniversary of its successful fundraising program, announced a donation of $350 to Project S.A.V.E. (Shark Awareness Visitor Education), a shark awareness program of the Palau Conservation Society. Founder of Palau Shark Sanctuary Fund, Dermot Keane, made the presentation to Ms. Julie Barr, Project S.A.V.E program coordinator at Palau Conservation Society.

Palau Shark Sanctuary Fund was founded in Koror, Palau on November 2001, in response to the ongoing destructive practice of “shark-finning” by foreign fishing fleets in Palau’s waters. The “Fund” supports itself through sales of its private logo merchandise, donating proceeds to programs and agencies joining them in their fight to save Palau’s sharks.

“Loss of Palau’s sharks threatens not only Palau’s underwater environment but also its entire dive industry, a mainstay of Palau’s economy” Keane said. “As Palau is internationally recognized among top dive destinations in the world, it is therefore fitting that Palau takes a leadership role in the worldwide battle to end the destructive practice of shark-finning” he went on to say.

Palau Shark Sanctuary Funds goal is to achieve a declaration by the Republic of Palau, perpetually establishing all waters within Palau’s Exclusive Economic Zone, as a World Shark Sanctuary offering protection to all sharks within.

Keane says he realizes that establishing a World Shark Sanctuary in Palau is a big challenge but believes it is a worthwhile goal nonetheless, that will benefit Palau and its economy in the years to come.

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