Friday, March 12, 2010

An Interview with SVARnet TV - Liesbeth Liekens

During a recent business trip to Germany to attend BOOT show in Dusseldoerf, I was interviewd by Ms. Liesbeth Liekens of Submerge Productions and SVARnet TV. Liesbeth recommended viewing using the Silverlight video player but its also available in Flash, but that will be discontinued soon.

SVARnet offers a series of video channels all dedicated to diving and the underwater world from several videographers around the globe. Visit SVARnet TV to view these high quality video podcasts from videographers that include: Evan Kovacs, Andreas Schumacher, Bruno Vanherck, Liquid Productions, Klemens Gann, Fergus Kennedy, Philippe Madeira, and Rob Stewart. IMAGE COPYRIGHT SVARnet.TV

Click here for the interview. TITLE: Dermot Keane and the Shark Sanctuary in Palau.

Click here for information.    Popular Episodes and New Episodes.


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